Family Media History

Morpeth Conservation Studio has 20 years professional experience in art conservation and restoration.

In the picture on the left we see Duncan Harty, of Morpeth Conservation Studio, removing an historic photograph from an inappropriate backing. As with so many photographs it was originally mounted on paper with the wrong chemical balance and this will lead to the photograph becoming marred with brown spots and eventually being totally destroyed.

Here Duncan is proving the old adage that prevention is better than cure. He removes the photograph and then remounts it on specialist backing that will not harm the photograph, thus preserving an important piece of history.

This work needs to be carried out by a conservator with specialist knowledge and considerable experience so as to ensure that no harm comes to the photograph during the conservation process. Morpeth Conservation Studio has both the knowledge and 20 years expert experience that enables them to produce the best possible results.

Many people have old photographs that have an historical or sentimental value and are irreplaceable. It is wise to have them professionally conserved so that they can be enjoyed by their current owner and by generations to come.

Morpeth Conservation Studio provides a comprehensive range of services for the treatment and preservation of photographic works.

These include:

  • Photographs, old or new, stuck to the glass due to the framing situation,
  • Removing photographs that have been pasted into albums.
  • Cleaning and repairing damaged or marked photographs,
  • Removing old photographs from deleterious mounts (i.e the original mounting is damaging the photo due to acidity or other reason),
  • Remounting and retouching photographs when necessary,
  • Collections management including
    • Archival storage
    • Framing rotation
    • Regular inspection

Things to be aware of in protecting your photographs.

Photographs are often in potentially damaging situations without the owner even being aware of the damage that is occurring until major damage has resulted.

For example:

  • Photographs in frames without matts can lead to areas of the photo sticking to the glass.
  • Bad framing materials inside the frames can lead to discolouration, and/or acidity that breaks down cellulose of the paper,
  • Old adhesives that attract pests that in turn systematically destroy the photo.

The good news is that all these situations could be prevented with regular professional inspection and inexpensive preventative treatment.

We provide photograph conservation and restoration services for a wide range of clients

  • from Art Galleries and Museums
    • right through to
  • individual members of the public.

Family History Media

At Morpeth Conservation Studio we are finding that more and more clients are bringing family & historical photographs that need protection or repair but also many other paper

Based family history items. These include such items as:

  • certificates
  • old newpaper cuttings
  • war time documentation
  • and many other items of historical or sentimental value

If you think that you may have a need for conservation or restoration of any historical work on paper then please contact Duncan

by phone on 02 4934 1471 or 0414 894 289

or by email at